Although some rare childhood video footage suggests an early affinity with creating sound by hitting on stuff, the main reason I started playing the drums was an advice of a primary school teacher to my parents that I am still very thankful for:

“He is good at math, I think he will like drumming.”

During several years of lessons with Claus Mager in my hometown Eltville I developed the wish to become a professional drummer. I do not know when exactly and how this started, but I continued practicing, started my first band, took lessons with Wolfgang Stamm and Rainer Rumpel in Wiesbaden until I finally got accepted at the ArtEZ conservatory in Arnhem to study with René Creemers and Etienne Nillesen.


Before starting my studies the teachers' advice turned into its opposite:

“You are good at math, why would you study music.”

Indeed, becoming a musician includes a lot more than only playing the drums and was quite a challenge coming from a family of non-musicians. But studying music is also a great privilege and it is an uncomparable journey to focus on creating and performing music with other human beings.

Nevertheless I realized more and more during my studies that focusing 100% only on music was probably not the way I would want to be going. I took part in extra theory lessons within the Honours Programme of ArtEZ and found myself comfortable in the company of other art disciplines while doing my own research in which I took insights from cognitive linguistics to the field of improvised music. So, if you need an answer to the question "Musician?": Yes, but also...


Recently I am looking for ways to combine different interests, convictions, strengths and weaknesses of mine into an artistic practice.

My affinity with logical thinking and mathematics is channelled towards looking into electronic music, programming languages, electroacoustic phenomena and digital processing of data.

The inspiration gained from meeting artists from all kinds of disciplines is hopefully transferred into future inter-disciplinary projects.

Next to some information on musical projects I am perfmoring with at the moment, this site offers an insight into my recent processes of doing research conceptually, practically and hopefully both at the same time.

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